Cooking at Home Made More Fun with Scarlett’s House-Made Products

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Have a passion for cooking at home in Bangkok and in need of great ingredients? Let us introduce Scarlett’s Pantry, a selection of house-made products perfect for the masterchef in you

Add a little excitement to your home cooking session with locally sourced seasonal and flavourful goodies that are sure to please anyone!

Organic honey made in Thailand

House-Infused Rosemary Honey

Our house-infused rosemary honey consists of organic honey sourced from a farm in Chiang Rai, providing an delicate taste along with key health benefits from helping with indigestion, to detoxifying the liver, boosting the immune system and more!

Fresh pasta in Bangkok

House-made Fettuccine Pasta 

True pasta lovers know that the taste of house-made fresh pasta is totally incomparable! From the unique texture of the pasta to the sublime taste it delivers when perfectly cooked … Scarlett’s fettuccine is perfectly crafted to give you a true Italian experience when cooking at home.

Organic risotto rice in Bangkok

Chiang Mai Risotto Rice

Our Chef de Cuisine Sylvain Royer discovered this rice during a trip to Chiang Mai, while seeking for a local talented chef to work on a collaboration project together. After the first taste of the rice, Chef knew that this particular rice was the one! Harvested by local farmers in Chiang Mai, it has a very distinctive texture and taste that makes it perfect for cooking a great risotto at home.

Gourmet Christmas gift in Bangkok

Scarlett Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

According to experts, the true flavour of traditional balsamic vinegar must contain the flavour of the wood it matured in, along with a light smokiness. Our house-made balsamic vinegar happens to have all these delicious qualities! Give it a try, it really does elevate the taste of any dish!

Truffle oil in Bangkok

House-infused Truffle Oil

For any truffle lovers, this house-infused truffle oil is a must-have in your pantry. Naturally fragrant with the deliciously earthy aroma of high quality truffles, this oil is the perfect addition to impart an extra kick of flavour to any dish. A little goes a long way!

Sardines from Scarlett Bangkok hamper

Canned Sardines in Olive Oil

A true staple in Mediterranean cuisine, sardines originally hail from an island in Italy called Sardinia, hence their name. Not only are they extremely tasty, but they are also packed full of health benefits and nutrients. Sardines are a powerhouse of omega 3 fatty acids but also vitamin B12, proteins and selenium. All the more reason to indulge!

Food hamper Christmas gift

Herbed Steak Salt

True meat lovers know that a good steak must be well-seasoned! Sprinkle a little pinch of this on your steak to enjoy an explosion of flavours like you’ve never experienced before!

Food hamper Bangkok

25 Degrees’ Secret Hot Sauce

Famous amongst burger fanatics at 25 Degrees Burger Bar, the 25 Degrees secret hot sauce is just what you need if you are a burger lover looking to spice things up. Created by our Chef de Cuisine Sylvain Royer, the hot sauce is infused with various local ingredients.

Gourmet Christmas gift Bangkok

25 Degrees’ Famous Pickles

There’s pickles… then there’s 25 Degrees’ pickles. Our pickled cucumbers are well-known for their unique flavour and satisfying crunch, making them another must-have item in your fridge!

Organic Chocolate in Bangkok

Scarlett X Kad Kakao:
Chocolate Bar from Chanthaburi

It’s not a joyful meal without a sweet ending! Savour an artisanal chocolate bar made from single-origin organic cacao straight from Chanthaburi province.

Place your order from 12PM till 8:30PM via GrabFood and LineMan. Exclusive for people living in the area, unlock FREE delivery within 3km when ordering direct from us via [email protected] @scarlettbkk

Then, get ready to treat yourself and your loved ones with a delicious meal await!


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