Elevate your burger experience with a dry-aged beef patty

dry-aged beef

Beef lovers, get ready to take your burger experience to the next level! All January, you can upgrade any of 25 Degrees’ signature burgers or BBQ burger with a premium Dry-Aged beef patty.

Burger fanatics, don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your dining experience at one of the best burger joints in Bangkok by trying a flavourful and succulent dry-aged beef burger!

The key to mouth-watering burgers is not only the fluffy buns and tasty toppings but also the deliciously juicy beef patty that is the star of the show. 25 Degrees Bangkok is taking their signature burgers up a notch by offering a choice of 60-day dry-aged Black Angus beef patty instead of the regular patty, for an additional THB 80++!

dry-aged beef

What makes dry-aged beef so special and different?

A Scottish breed, Black Angus beef is well-known for its marbling that improves flavour and tenderness. 25 Degrees imports this high-quality meat directly from a premium producer in Australia. This tender cut enjoys great popularity amongst meat lovers and it’s widely regarded as one of the best types of meat that can be used to make high-quality burger patties.

Dry-aged for 60 days to get rid of unnecessary moisture, the meat gains a more concentrated, distinct flavour and firmer texture. 25 Degrees Bangkok then grills this delectable cut to perfection, resulting in a unique flavourful taste with smoky notes. The ultimate beefy treat for meat lovers!

Pick your favorite signature burger from the list below and give yourself an upgrade to a dry-aged beef patty. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Whichever burger you’re craving, take your pick and get ready to experience it to the fullest, by going for the big flavours of a dry-aged beef patty for just THB 80++ more!

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