Indulge in succulent Maine lobster in Bangkok

Maine Lobster in Bangkok

The freshest seafood deserves to be much more than a meal…it should be an experience. Make your way to Scarlett Bangkok, the award-winning French wine bar & restaurant perched on top of the 37th floor of the illustrious Pullman Bangkok Hotel G and embark on a culinary journey at the best place to enjoy Maine lobster in Bangkok.

From Maine to Scarlett

Maine lobster is the king of the sea. This prized product has long been extremely popular amongst diners around the world due to its firmer texture & sweeter flavour which results in a more exquisite taste in comparison to the warm water lobsters found throughout Asia. Typically available throughout the year, Maine lobster is commonly caught off the coast of the state of Maine in the U.S.

Scarlett’s limited-time lobster menu creates a modern culinary adventure that brings the allure of the ocean right to your plate, at affordable prices that make this delicacy accessible to all. Scarlett has all the tools of the trade and the personal touches to turn the freshly shipped, meaty and sweet cold-water Maine lobster into a gourmet event.

Known for its sweet and succulent flavour, tender meat and giant claws, Maine lobster is taking centre stage at Scarlett as the hero ingredient of September. For those who crave and appreciate delicate lobster meat, Maine lobster is the ideal choice to reward your passion for premium seafood and experience a true flavour sensation. Choosing to work only with the freshest produce, Scarlett’s renowned culinary team led by Executive Chef Sylvain Royer has created a variety of different lobster dishes. From French-inspired a la carte options, to light and refreshing starters and hearty mains, there is bound to be something for every palate.

Maine Lobster Menu

Maine Lobster Salad – THB 520 ++
Served with avocado and garlic chips

Smoked Maine Lobster – THB 480 ++
Served with Iberico Pata Negra Ham

Maine Lobster Consommé – THB 520 ++
Poached lobster served in double boiled consommé soup

Maine Lobster Ravioli – THB 680 ++
Lobster and foie gras stuffed ravioli, truffle emulsion

Maine Lobster with Quinoa Risotto – THB 480 ++
Buttered lobster served with quinoa risotto and red wine sauce

Wood-Fire Grilled Lobster – Half THB 580 ++ / Whole THB 800 ++

Maine Lobster Fettuccini – THB 720 ++
Prepared with house-made fettucini olio

Stewed Maine Lobster – THB 680 ++
Served with Champagne bisque 

Indulge in these lobster-ific dishes highlighting wild-caught Maine lobster in Bangkok at special prices starting from only THB 480++.

Reserve your spot to savour the limited-time lobster menu and experience one of the finest ingredients from the sea, exclusively at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant this September.

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