Savour Bouchot French Mussels in Singapore

Bouchot Mussels in Ginett

Seafood lovers, rejoice for it’s that time of the year!⁣ If you’re looking for those famous Bouchot French mussels in Singapore, then you’re in luck because they’re making a comeback on Ginett’s menu for the months of August and September!

Freshly flown in from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel in France, they are served up four delicious ways. If you are craving French mussels in Singapore, this is not something you want to miss.

Seize this rare opportunity to indulge in the “Queen of the Summer Tables” from the northwestern coast of France in the Normandy region. Renowned for their plump orangey-yellow flesh and bluish-black shell, Bouchot mussels are prized for their melt-in-mouth texture and sweet, creamy flavour. Often regarded as the best-tasting mussels by shellfish lovers worldwide, these gastronomic gems are so highly coveted that they are regulated with an AOP (appellation d’origine protégée) status. 

The term “bouchot” actually refers to the way in which the mussels are farmed. Bouchot Mussels from Mont Saint-Michel are grown on wooden poles (which are referred to as ‘bouchots’ in French), and the changes in the tides provides these mussels its slight salty flavour. As part of its AOP status, Bouchot mussels can only be harvested between July to January, and the mussels must be 4cm in size with a minimum of 25% flesh content.

Catering to an array of palates, Ginett will be preparing Bouchot mussels in three different styles: 

  • The quintessential French favourite, classic Marinière style, featuring a heady mix of white wine, parsley, shallots and butter.
  • The bistro Creamy style, with a rich concoction of white wine, cream, onions, parsley, butter. 
  • The spicy Asian style, wok-fried in a bold mix of Chinese aromatics. 

From 12 July till end of August, Bouchot mussels are available in 500g and 1kg servings for $42++ and $70++.

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