Feast on Bouchot Mussels at Scarlett Bangkok

French Mussels at Scarlett Bangkok

Celebrate the season of beloved Bouchot Mussels

From the north-western coast of France to the capital of Thailand, Scarlett Restaurant & Wine Bar is showcasing the world-renowned Bouchot Mussels this September and October. 

Bouchot Mussels are prized, loved, and appreciated by seafood lovers for their unique melt-in-the-mouth texture, as well as their sweet and creamy flavour. Truly a rare and exciting opportunity for shellfish lovers in Bangkok!

Bouchot Mussels at Scarlett Bangkok

What Makes Bouchot Mussels so special? 

In French, bouchot means “shellfish bed”. These dark blue-black molluscs take their name from a traditional aquaculture technique for mussels. The mussels are grown on ropes strung from wooden poles in the sea – the latter also known as “bouchots”. This way, the mussels are able to develop, away from predators such as crabs, which makes them more tender, meaty and free of grit and barnacles, with a cleaner flavour. 

Distinguished by their plump, orange-yellow flesh, these high-quality mussels can also be found labelled with an AOP ‘appellation d’origine protégée’ status, denoting their exclusivity to the Mont Saint-Michel bay. 

Mussels at Scarlett | French restaurant in Bangkok

Moreish Moules-Frites

Savour Bouchot Mussels in true French-Belgian fashion, in the form of the beloved dish Moules-Frite, available in 500g and 1 kg servings. Scarlett prepares the mussels in four different ways, featuring classic and contemporary flavours. 

Purists looking to enjoy the delicious mussels in all their glory can opt for the classic Marinière, a heady concoction of white wine, shallots, onions, celery, and parsley. 

For a fresh, punchier flavour profile that still lets the Bouchot Mussels shine – try the Tomato & Basil preparation, featuring a sweet and aromatic sauce. White wine is cooked down with shallots, onions, celery, and garlic, then lifted with the fragrant, fruity addition of tomato and basil. 

Unadulterated indulgence comes in the form of the Creamy Garlic version – perfect for palates craving rich yet homey comfort. The base of white wine, shallows, and onions welcomes the unique warmth of garlic, and the added cream creates a smooth, velvety sauce that complements the natural sweetness and creaminess of the mussels. 

Finally, Bouchot Mussels get a fragrant kick of local flavours in the Spice & Herbs option. The usual white wine base gets infused with aromatics and a hint of spice thanks to fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, and chilli – resulting in an exciting, intense sauce. 

French Bouchot Mussels in Bangkok

Savour the Bouchot Mussels Experience

It doesn’t stop there. As a prelude to your French dining experience in Bangkok, you can start off your meal with a rich, heartwarming Saffron Mussels Soup, made with cream and enhanced with the vibrant floral notes of saffron. 

To complete this special meal, order at least 500g of mussels from the French Bouchot Mussels menu and enjoy up to 2 hours of free-flow French white wine for just THB 990++ per person

Scarlett’s ‘Moules-Frites’ dishes are priced at THB 790 and THB 1,390 for 500g and 1kg respectively, and the Saffron Mussels Soup at just THB 410.

This special Bouchot mussels menu is available exclusively at Scarlett Bangkok throughout September and October 2022.

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