Stop SOLE-searching! Delectable French Dover Sole Fish in Hong Kong

Dover Sole Fish in Hong Kong | Scarlett Hong Kong

We have found the SOLE-mate for you with dishes using French Dover Sole fish in Hong Kong at Scarlett. In the heart of Scarlett’s kitchen, Executive Chef Hubert and his team have been busy preparing a menu that features French Dover Sole fish in Hong Kong, exclusively available only in June and July.

Dover Sole is a flatfish that has a mild buttery flavour, and its season from May to the end of September. At Scarlett this delicate fish has been brought in from Brittany, which is in the northwestern part of France.

For all you Dover Sole fans in Hong Kong, join us at Scarlett to sample your way through this special menu, with a special offer on bottles of wines for the perfect SOLE-pairing.

The SOLE-mate For You

Dover Sole ‘Goujonette’ ($188+)

This is Scarlett’s take on fish and chips. Crispy dover sole filets come served with lemon and house-made tartare sauce. Squeeze some lemon and enjoy!

Dover Sole & Seaweed ($228+)

Fresh dover sole fillets are slowly cooked in seaweed butter, created using two types of seaweed (dulce and salicorne). The dish is served with green cabbage, and lemon zest – a wonderful way to start your meal at Scarlett.

Sole & Seaweed | Scarlett Hong Kong

Dover Sole 49° ($338+)

This cover sole fish in Hong Kong is slowly cooked at 49 degrees Celsius to create a lovely buttery tecture. It is served with green asparagus and topped up with a lovely lobster bisque sauce.

Dover Sole ‘Meuniere’ ($888+)

Perfect for sharing, whole dover sole is grilled to perfection with herbed butter and lemon. It comes served with your choice of 1 side dish from our a la carte menu such as French fries or creamed spinach.

Grilled Whole Sole Fish at Scarlett

Pair it with Your Wine SOLE-mate

For every order from the Dover Sole menu at Scarlett, enjoy 30% off selected bottles of French wine.


Domaine du Pré Semelé (Julien & Clément Raimbault), Loire Valley, 2017 ($490 to $343)

Made with sauvignon blanc, this lighter wine leads with notes of citrus and tree fruits, and minerals on the nose. A dry and fruit wine that is easy to enjoy.

Château Tour Bicheau,Graves Blanc, Bordeaux, 2017 ($420 to $294)

This white wine combines sauvignon blanc and Semillon grapes to create lovely notes of citrus and fruits such as peach and melon.


Domaine Charles Audoin, Marsannay ‘Les Longeroies,’ Burgundy, 2014 ($750 to $525)

This 100% pinot noir red wine comes from the appellation of Marsannay in Burgundy. It is a medium body dry wine with delicate notes of berries such as black cherry, strawberry and raspberry, with some earthy flavours.

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