‘Fowl’ Under the Spell of the poultry menu at Scarlett

Special Menu at Scarlett Hong Kong

Poultry – a feathery group of birds that’s one of the most globally eaten meats in the world. Whilst the humble chicken is indisputably one of the most popular birds amongst the poultry flock, the variety of poultry meat typically used in French food in Hong Kong extends to other birds including duck, pigeon, and quail.

Shining the spotlight on these fowls, Scarlett Hong Kong is introducing the Pining for Fowls menu. This October and November, flock to Scarlett to savour a feathery feast with a delicious selection of poultry specials created by Executive Chef Julien and his team. Come fowl in love with these succulent new dishes, starting from $98+.

Pining for Fowls

To get those appetites going, here is what you can look forward to on the exclusive poultry menu.

Foie Gras & Duck Consommé ($158)

A tantalizing spicy duck consommé, which is a clear soup prepared from a rich and flavourful duck stock. The consommé is topped with pan seared foie gras and mushrooms to make this the perfect start to your meal. 

French food in Hong Kong
Foie Gras & Duck Consommé

Quail Pie ($198)

Baked with love because it’s Chef Julien’s grandma’s recipe, the delectable quail pie is made using puff pastry. The pie is stuffed with quail, potatoes, mushrooms, shallots, herbs, and white wine, and then served with a house salad and mustard.  

Quail pie at Scarlett Hong Kong
Quail Pie

Chicken Tagliatelle ($208)

French chicken breast is slow-cooked for 1 hour to bring out its delicate flavours. For the perfect pairing, Scarlett’s house-made tagliatelle comes with mushrooms and a blue cheese sauce. Executive Chef Julien and his team freshly prepare the tagliatelle pasta from scratch each day using Doppio Zero, which means double zero flour, a high-grade Italian milled flour best used for pasta making. 

Roast Pigeon ($398)

Pigeon meat is deep, gamey and tender, and best cooked in the oven. Succulent French pigeon is quickly browned in a pan before being roasted whole in the oven, to bring out the flavours of the meat. Once cooked, the meat is de-boned, and Chef Julien complements the bold flavours of the pigeon with beetroot, gnocchi, and cherry sauce. 

Roast Pigeon and French wine at Scarlett Hong Kong
Roast Pigeon

Floating Island ($98)

No meal would be complete without dessert. Staying within the poultry theme of the menu, egg is the star of this dish.  Scarlett’s Floating Island consists of meringue served with custard cream and topped with caramel. The meringue is baked in a bain-marie and then placed on top of the custard so that it floats, hence the playful name of this classic dessert.

Floating Island dessert at Scarlett Hong Kong
Floating Island

The Perfect Fowl Pairing

To complete your poultry meal and experience exquisite French dining in Hong Kong, enjoy the below range of wines by the bottle for just $250+ with every order from our Pining for Fowls menu.

White Wine

Chablis, Domaine Millet, 2017

Hailing from Chablis, in the northern-central part of France, this historical wine-producing town is most famous for its Chardonnay grape variety. A 100% Chardonnay white, expect flavours of citrus on the palate with hints of peach and green apple. 

Sancerre, Domaine Raimbault-Pineau, 2017

A 100 % Sauvignon Blanc, this white comes from Sancerre, a small town in central France. The wine is crisp, semi-dry with a touch of peach and lemon. 

Red Wine

French red wine at Scarlett Hong Kong
Château Pierre de Montignac

Château Pierre de Montignac, Médoc “Cru Bourgeois ” 2012

This Bordeaux blend brings together Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot creating aromas of dark berries such as blackberries and cassis. It’s medium-bodied with smooth tannins. 

This October and November, poultry rules the roost at Scarlett Hong Kong, known for serving some of the best French food in Hong Kong. So drop by and “fowl” in love with the poultry specials. 

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