Hooked on Salmon in Hong Kong at Scarlett

Salmon dishes at Scarlett in Hong Kong

We’ve done the fishing for you this August and September! Unleash the flavours of the sea with delicious salmon brought to Hong Kong from Norway and crafted into 4 delectable French-inspired dishes. Indulge in carefully sourced and freshly cut fish brought to you in simple yet elegant preparations by our Executive Chef Hubert and his team.

Well-loved for any occasion, with a delicate taste and rich in antioxidants, salmon is the perfect catch for a flavourful dining experience. For all you seafood lovers in Hong Kong, join us at Scarlett to sample your way through this special menu starting from $168+, with a special offer on selected bottles of French white wine at only $298+. 

We Did the Fishing for You!

Hure de Saumon ($168+)

Refreshing and scrumptious slow-cooked terrine made using freshly marinated salmon with lemon and herbs. The soft and fine texture creates a lovely summery meal that will tickle those taste buds.

Salmon “Bellevue” ($208+)

Salmon prepared the traditional way, semi-poached fillets served cold with Scarlett’s signature house-made mayonnaise and cucumber. 

Classic Salmon ($228+)

Scarlett’s take on a classic with a Mediterranean twist! The salmon fillet is served with green vegetables and our house-made French Mousseline sauce, which is a version of Hollandaise sauce that uses whipped cream. 

Salmon Cocotte ($588+)

Elevate your salmon meal with a 400g salmon fillet that is baked and served with pilaf rice. It’s perfect for sharing!

For Your Salmon Pairing

For every order from the Salmon menu at Scarlett, enjoy a selection of French white wine by the bottle at only $298+ each.

White Wine by the Bottle at $298+ Each 

Viognier, 2016, Domaine Pichon

This is a 100% Viognier white wine that is produced in Northern Rhône in France. It is smooth with fresh tree fruit notes of apricot, peach and melon. 

Saint Joseph, 2016, Domaine Pichon

A 50/50 blend of Marsanne and Roussanne, this wine is produced by Domaine Christophe Pichon in Northern Rhône in France. 

Graves, 2017, Château Tour Bicheau

This white wine blends 70% Semillon and 30% Sauvignon Blanc to create a fruit filled wine with notes of peach and melon, but also some earthy notes.

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