L is for Langoustine at Scarlett Hong Kong

Where to eat Langoustine in Hong Kong

If you are looking for places to celebrate the festive season in Hong Kong with delicious French seafood, think of Scarlett. This season, Chef Mark highlights the tenderness and lobster-like flavour of French langoustines in 5 exquisite preparations.

What are Langoustines and what makes them so special?

A much sought-after seafood delicacy, langoustines appear similar to crayfish, but they are different as they only grow in saltwater seas and oceans, while crayfish are found in freshwater rivers and lakes. Langoustines are smaller than lobster, however, can grow up to a maximum of around 10 inches. Their shells are a light shade of orange and unlike lobsters, they don’t change colour when they are cooked.

Langoustines are very special because the European Union limits the number available every year. The smaller langoustines caught are particularly prized for the sweet meat found in their tails. In terms of taste, they are slightly sweeter and more delicate than shrimp, with a more similar texture to lobster.

French Langoustine at Scarlett Hong Kong

L is for Langoustine

From ocean to plate, this festive season, Scarlett brings you a delectable French seafood experience which is a truly luxurious treat for all shellfish lovers. For your dining pleasure, a limited-time Langoustine menu will be available at Scarlett Café & Wine Bar all throughout November and December.

Explore 5 delicious Langoustine dishes including:

Langoustine Carpaccio at Scarlett Hong Kong

Langoustine Carpaccio & Krystal Caviar

Our Langoustine Carpaccio is made with fresh langoustine from France and served with aged balsamic and creme fraîche to balance out the delicate flavours. Simple yet refined, this dish showcases the pure flavour and texture of the langoustine and is an ideal hors d’oeuvre or first course.

Langoustine Ceviche at Scarlett Hong Kong

Langoustine Ceviche

A delightful play of textures and colours, the Langoustine Ceviche is a fresh and flavourful dish, not to be missed. The langoustine is perfectly seasoned and then served with avocado, tomato and cocktail sauce.

Langoustine Vol-au-Vent at Scarlett Hong Kong

Langoustine Vol-Au-Vent

First created in the early 1800s in Antonin Carême’s pastry store in Paris, these round, light, airy puff pastries are baked such that the centre part can be removed, creating a cavity that is then filled with either sweet or savoury fillings. In this case, Chef Mark completes the golden puff pastry with a tasty langoustine filling to create a crunchy feel on the outside and a tender sensation on the inside. Our Langoustine Vol-Au-Vent is served with sautéed seasonal vegetables.

Grilled Langoustine at Scarlett Hong Kong

Grilled Langoustine

Simply grilled is a great way to savour these delicious crustaceans and fully appreciate their delicate white flesh.

Champagne Langoustine Risotto

With Chef’s Mark unique twist on modern cuisine, prepare to be transported to the Coastal cuisine of Southern France. Among those delicious Langoustine dishes, the “cherry-on-the-cake” has to be the Champagne Risotto accompanied with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan. With quality ingredients, this colorful dish combines the light oranges of langoustines, the green of fresh parsley, and white rice to present a masterful piece of culinary work.

Wine By The Bottle

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You can view the full menu here.

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