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Thai Burger in in Bangkok | 25 Degrees Bangkok

Flavors from the North & Northeast Thailand Come to Bangkok & Singapore

If you love Issarn and Northern Thai flavors, you’re in for something truly special. For September and October, 25 Degrees has put together a new limited-edition Thai-inspired burger to add to their family – Spicy Basil Instinct

Fragrant and fiery, this new burger creation is inspired by the unique cuisines of North and Northeast Thailand – known and loved for their spicy, fragrant and bold dishes that pack a punch of flavor.

Basil Instinct 

Inside our warm, homemade Brioche buns, you’ll find an exciting combination of textures and flavors. It’s first filled with your choice of a beef or pork patty, then topped with a handful of crispy pork crackling which brings a burst of umami and an addictive crunch. Pickled papaya adds a juicy tang, followed by a medley of Thai herbs and a comforting blanket of melty mozzarella

But the star of this burger that gives it a bold flavor punch and a kick of heat is definitely this – 25 Degrees’ very own homemade spicy 3-basil pesto. Packed with fresh aromas and deep, savory notes, it’s made with a trio of tree basil, Italian basil, and holy basil. They are then combined with cashew nuts, fresh chili, and fermented fish sauce to create a mouth-watering sauce. 

Available exclusively this September and October at 25 Degrees, make it yours at:

  • THB 450 at 25 Degrees Bangkok
  • SGD $20++ at 25 Degrees Singapore

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