Celebrate Singapore National Day with a Rendang Burger

chicken rendang burger singapore

As Singapore turns 57 this year, celebrate the occasion at 25 Degrees Singapore with a new, limited-edition burger that features the flavors of a local favourite – Rendang.

The team at 25 Degrees has taken the punchy flavors and aromas of this iconic dish and transformed it with their own burger expertise. Keep reading to have a first look at this delicious Singapore National Day special. 

Meet the Oh So Delish’ Rendang Burger

The Oh So Chic’ Rendang Burger

A well-loved favorite in Southeast Asia with roots in the Minangkabau region of Indonesia, rendang can be described as a rich plate of meat that has been slow-cooked and braised in a coconut milk-based spice mixture. The result is a dish brimming with bold, caramelised flavors, and meat that’s fork-tender. 

While commonly made with beef, 25 Degrees Singapore turns to everyone’s favourite white meat for its National Day burger. The humble chicken is marinated in a housemade rendang sauce that’s been cooked down for at least 48 hours – ensuring the fullest extraction of flavor!

The richness of the rendang is balanced by the addition of tangy achar – spicy South Asian pickles – and fresh butterhead lettuce. For texture, crisp and crunchy papadam gets layered on, and the burger gets sandwiched between a flavor-packed turmeric Brioche bun.

The Chicken Rendang Burger will be exclusively available from 15th July – 31st August 2022, for $21. Get your hands on it while you can!

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