Nose-to-Tail Charolais Beef at Scarlett Hong Kong

Charolais French Beef at Scarlett Hong Kong

What is Charolais Beef?

Charolais beef is a world-renowned breed of beef that derives its name from the historic town of Charolles, in the region of Burgundy, France.

It is one of the oldest French breeds, and until the last 18th century, Charolais cattle were mainly used as working cattle before they were bred for their excellent meat. In the 19th century, Charolais beef grew in popularity, so the breeding zone for Charolais cattle extended across the regional border into Auvergne.

Charolais Beef in Hong Kong

Nose-to-Tail Charolais Menu

From farm-to-fork, Scarlett imports organic Charolais beef directly from local farmers of the Auvergne region in the center of France. For your dining pleasure, Charolais beef will be available at Scarlett Café & Wine Bar all throughout September and October. A delicious occasion that foodies and beef lovers in Hong Kong shouldn’t miss!

Explore 5 delicious nose-to-tail cuts including:

Ox Tongue Charcuterie

Though an unusual cut of beef, tongue is actually a culinary delicacy that is soft, tender, and lean, with a unique texture and intensely beefy flavor. When prepared correctly, it becomes a meltingly soft meat tastes great as a cold cut.

Grilled Bone Marrow

As its name would suggest, bone marrow is a type of tissue found in bones. But most important, it is a prized ingredient that is beloved for its slightly sweet flavour with a smooth texture that perfectly complements freshly baked bread. In fact, roasted bone marrow served on toast is a classic French gourmet dish with origins dating as far back as the 1600s. Try Scarlett’s modern take on it, sure to delight your taste buds.

Ox Tail Stew

Another cut beef lovers should not shy away from is Oxtail. It tastes like beef, but more specifically, like an extremely tender, silkier short rib in terms of texture. In fact, oxtail is often used on its own to make stock because it’s such a gelatinous, rich meat.
With their long cooking time and high fat content, oxtails were traditionally a very cheap cut of meat meant to economize all parts of the animal. It is believed that oxtail soup was first made in the 1700s in London by French and Flemish immigrants. But it’s a comforting dish that now has many iterations all over the world.

Pan-seared Onglet

Onglet is none other than the French name for a cut more commonly known in English a hanger steak. This rather forgotten choice of cut is a flat cut near the flank or lower belly, which has quite a coarse grain but due to its positioning on the animal does relatively little work and is therefore very tender. If you like intense meat flavours, you will love the onglet, because it intensifies everything that can only be tasted in hints in fillet, roast beef and other cuts. For many, the flavour is reminiscent of offal like liver or heart even though it is made up of pure muscle meat.

Tournedos Rossini

Tournedos Rossini is a classic French recipe that definitely doesn’t dispel the belief that authentic French food is spectacularly rich and decadent. Perfect for special occasions, it it said to have been created by Marie-Antoine Careme and named for the composer Rossini. The joy of this dish lies in its tasty, savory beef stock that is transformed into a glistening sauce, drizzled over a perfectly cooked succulent beef fillet and a slice of indulgent, golden foie gras.

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You can view the full menu here.

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